All the employees are very friendly and out going . very easy to get to. Very clean and just a great place to come in and relax!

Friendly Staff,

Just had my first Donut Kraze donut. The Peanut Kreme Krumble donut is amazing if you're looking for a cream filled donut that isn't too heavy!

Peanut Kreme Krumble,

Just went in for the 1st time today and glad I did. Scored the last 2 Maple Bacon donuts and they were amazing. Its was so nice and cozy in the dining area. Super friendly staff.... Two thumbs up!

Maple Bacon Donut,

These remind me of the old Freddies Donuts! Just perfect in every way! Love the sour cream glaze and cream filled ones! Peanut is great, too! I have yet to try all the other flavors!!

Sour Cream & Peanut Donuts,